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Tracking Whole Class Points

Students Working

Learn how to create a “Class” button in LiveSchool to track whole class points!

A great way to build class camaraderie is to track both individual points AND whole class points.

When the whole class follows directions the first time, meets a goal for a test average or goes above and beyond on a class project (to name a few), give the whole class a point.

To create a class point button:

  1. Click the Mode Selector
  2. Select the Setup mode
  3. Choose “Students” on the sub mode selector
  4. Click the “New Student” button
  5. Fill in First name with “Whole” and Last name with “Class”
  6. Choose the grade roster the class is in from the drop down menu
  7. Click create student

Add the button to all your rosters:

  1. Choose “Rosters” on the sub mode selector
  2. Click the blue pencil icon next to the roster you want to add the whole class button to
  3. Select the whole class button from the screen
  4. Click the Add Students button

Viola! Now all your rosters have a WHOLE CLASS button that you can award points so the class can redeem an incentive together!

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