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Track and Reward Attendance

How can we simplify attendance-taking for our teachers and motivate students to be in school every day?

When attendance is easy to take, teachers record data more consistently. With the right motivation, students are more likely to be in school and on time. LiveSchool makes it easy to track attendance and award points for attendance. Here’s how:

  1. Add a category called “Attendance” to your rubric.​
  2. Add a positive only behavior for “Present” and decide how many points you’d like students to receive each day they’re present.
  3. Optionally, you can also deduct points for tardies. To do so, add a behavior for “Tardy,” set it to “negative only,” and decide how many points students should lose for being late to school.
  4. Message this system to your staff and be sure that everyone knows to submit attendance each morning.
  5. Each day during first period, teachers record which students are present. If you’re tracking tardies, late students should be marked as both ”Present” and “Tardy.”
  6. ​The main office runs the Behavior export described below and updates your school’s SIS.​

Weekly paycheck totals will include all earnings from daily attendance logged during that week.

Ok, so how can we run the export?

1. Go to
2. Click the Exports tab.
3. Select the Behavior export.
4. Adjust the Behavior field to “Present” so that the report only pulls data logged for that behavior.
5. Set Show to “Positive Only.”
6. Set both Start Date and End Date to today.
7. Click Download. The export will generate as an Excel spreadsheet.

Absent students are those who have a 0 listed by their names. You can sort Column G from “Smallest to Largest” to pull them up to the top of your file for easy access.

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