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Track Field Trip Signups

How can I track who has purchased tickets for an event or field trip?

Big events and field trips give your students an opportunity to practice saving their earnings and a reason to be on their best behavior. LiveSchool can produce a master list of which students have purchased a ticket for an upcoming incentive. This can include anything from “Dress Down Day” to a school dance! Here’s how:

  1. Create your awesome upcoming event or field trip as an incentive in LiveSchool. Make sure you pick an appropriate price.
  2. Message the event date, logistics, and price to your teachers. Set a deadline for students to purchase a ticket.
  3. Have teachers charge students when they are ready to purchase a ticket.
  4. Hype the field trip. Share how many students have signed up!
  5. On the day of the event or field trip, download the list of registered students and email it out to teachers so they know who to release!


Ok, so how does it work?

To view everyone who has purchased a certain incentive in a specified period of time:

  1. Go to
  2. Click Exports.
  3. Select the Reward Redemption export.
  4. Select the desired incentive from the Reward menu.
  5. Leave Step set to “Overall.”
  6. Select Start Date and End Date. Incentives purchased before your start date or after your end date will not be reflected in the resulting export.
  7. Click Download.

​There you have it! All the students who have purchased a ticket will be listed on the report.

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