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We cannot believe it’s already March! As you roll into test season and spring field trips – take a moment to read this March Update.

New Feature: Rosters Mode


You can create and share rosters in the app.

You may have noticed a change in the format of the Rosters page! We are excited to announce that you can now create a new roster and share that roster with your team (aka save time). This video will show you how!

Just In Case You Missed It


You can edit your behavior rubric in the app.

We announced this last month but want to make sure we scream it from the rooftop – LiveSchool site leaders can now edit the behavior rubric the app! To learn more, watch this video tutorial from the Video Training Center.



We have been working on improving LiveSchool mobile.

Do you use LiveSchool on your smartphone? You should! Give points everywhere from your phone – from the carpool line to the lunch room. Here is how to get LiveSchool on your phone.

Native App Coming Soon


We are launching in the app store very, very soon.

Speaking of working brilliantly on smartphones, we are very excited about our Native App launch. Look out for an announcement soon and get ready to download the app! You can also rate us in the app store for good measure!

Please reach out to with any questions!

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