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Manage a Homeroom Competition

How can we get students working together to improve behavior?

A little friendly competition can go a long way to motivate students. LiveSchool makes it easy to compare behavior across homerooms, which you can use to manage an engaging homeroom competition! Here’s how:

  1. Pick a behavior or category to focus on for your competition. For instance, which homeroom can get the most points for homework completion, or who can get the fewest classroom rules violations.
  2. Decide how long you want your competition to run – a week, a month, or a quarter
  3. Pick a prize and make it juicy! Think about something that a homeroom could enjoy together, like a pizza party or movie.
  4. Tell your students! Make sure they know what the competition is about, how long it will last, and of course, what the prize is!
  5. Feedback is key. Keep a running total somewhere public like the cafeteria or hallway.
  6. Sweeten the pot. Adding a prize half-way through will keep your competition going strong!
  7. Announce the winner, and have some fun with the victorious homeroom!

Ok, so how do we track the data for our competition?

LiveSchool’s Behavior export can show you how many negative and positive submissions each homeroom has received during a specified time frame. Note that for this report to work, your school will need to have its homerooms designated as print groups. To review or revise which rosters you’ve set as your print groups, see this article.

Here’s how to pull behavior by homeroom:

  1. Go to
  2. Click Exports.
  3. Select the Behavior export.
  4. For Step, select “Overall.”
  5. For Group, select “By Print Group.”
  6. Specify the range of dates you’d like included in the export by using the Start Date and End Date selectors.
  7. Select the Standard or Behavior that your competition is focused on improving.
  8. Click Download.

That’s it! Your data is ready to share with students, and at the end of the competition, pick a winner!

Extra Credit
If you want to offer a “second prize” to the most improved homeroom, here’s how you can do it: instead of selecting “overall” for the Step, select “By Days” or “By Week”. This will allow you to see how each homeroom started the competition, and where they ended up. With a little math, you can calculate how much improvement each homeroom had over the period, and can reward them for their progress!

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