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Determine your Most Popular Incentives

How can we determine our most popular incentives?

Knowing your school’s most and least popular incentives can help with all sorts of planning — from pricing decisions to whether you should order more or less Silly Bandz for next quarter (probably more). LiveSchool offers the Reward Redemption export to bring this data to your fingertips!

How can I download the export?

To view how many times each student has purchased each incentive,

  1. Go to
  2. Click Exports.
  3. Select the Reward Redemption export.
  4. Leave “All” selected for the Rewards menu to see stats for each incentive at your school. If you only want info on one incentive, you can select it from this menu.
  5. If you want to see how many were purchased on each day or each week in your time period, set the Step accordingly (if you’re running the export for more than one incentive, this can make the report get a little hard to read). Otherwise leave Step set to “Overall.”
  6. Delimit the results to a certain roster or grade, if you like, by using the Roster selector.
  7. Determine the time frame for which you want data by selecting your Start Date and End Date. Incentives purchased before your start date or after your end date will not be included in the report.
  8. Click Download.

Now that perennial faculty debate about whether kids prefer Zebra Cakes or Pringles can finally be settled!

Extra Credit

Redemption stats are particularly valuable info for store items, because knowing the amount of consumed inventory can tip you off as to when it’s time to restock a certain item. Running this report periodically can prevent the riots from breaking out when the supply of fruit roll-ups dries up unexpectedly.

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