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Zoom Size for Student Buttons


Have you tried projecting LiveSchool during class? Now it is easier than ever! With our new zoom size feature, you can adjust the size of student buttons to ensure even the students in the back see all the points they are earning!

Here’s how: Click your initials/profile image (top right). Select Student Buttons. Then, use the Bigger and Smaller buttons to find the perfect size, and click Save. That’s it!

Note: This feature is not yet available in the iPhone/iPad app.


Rerun Paychecks

Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 10.08.56 AM

LiveSchool now offers an easy tool to re-run your paychecks. This is perfect to use if you forget to change your paycheck settings before spring break! To re-run a paycheck, just click Menu then Reports and select the Re-Run Report link. You can enter in any day/time since your most recent paycheck ran then click Re-run Report. Within an hour, you will have updated paychecks that reflect the right timeframe!


More Improvements

Here are some of the other improvements you’ll see in LiveSchool:

  • Now, teachers can only undo a behavior point that they recorded personally. Administrators can still undo points from anyone in the building.
  • Chat mode now includes LiveSchool announcements! Stay posted for big improvements coming.
  • Setup features have been organized under a “Setup” button on the Menu screen. We’ve done this to make room for…
  • Insights is coming soon! Stay tuned for new tools to analyze trends, download documentation, and more!

Have questions? Email us at!

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