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View Student Progress Over Time

How can we see a student’s behavioral strengths and areas for improvement?

LiveSchool offers a special report called the Behavior Breakdown which you can run to get a detailed portrait of a single student’s behavior. Don’t attend a parent conference without it! A Behavior Breakdown report can help you answer questions such as:

  • Has the student shown improvement in key skill areas that we’re monitoring? This is great for measuring progress toward IEP goals!
  • What behavioral norm is the student struggling with most?
  • How does the student earn most of his merits? Identifying specific strengths can help you focus positive feedback and encourage progress!
  • Is a specific intervention working? Has the student’s behavior improved since the date it was implemented?

How do I download the report?

To view how many positive and negative submissions a student has received for each rubric behavior:

  1. Go to
  2. Click Exports.
  3. Select the Behavior Breakdown export.
  4. For Student, select the desired student.
  5. Leave the Teacher option set to “All,” unless you want to view only data that’s been logged for the student by a certain teacher.
  6. Specify the time frame whose data you’d like to analyze by selecting your Start Date and End Date.
  7. Select “Raw Numbers” for Show.
  8. Choose “Overall” for your Step to see totals for the whole time span.
  9. Click Download.​

​If you select “By Days” or “By Week” for your Step, the report will contain a column for each day or week in the specified time frame instead of a single column of totals. This allows you to examine behavior changes over time, and facilitates your ability to line graph the data in Excel.

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